Community Members Spotted on Live Part 2


I saw you across the way too


Just wanted to share that cause it’s the first time I saw one here around.
Is that common?

Btw I play IF since 2013 but have Pro since 4 days and its absolutely worth it!!!

Damn I realized it was CEO and founder of Infinite Flight Laura :D


Better have been a smooth landing🤣


I was about to take off ;-) And yeah I think it was pretty smooth :D


I spotted @Dylan_Bright while doing a flight with @Dommo209


Nearing Atlanta after a 14h Long Haul Flight from Doha, Qatar, has left me with spotting two very familiar faces :)

Hi, @GHamsz and @azeeuwnl. Hope the both of you had Great Flight and I Wish You Safe Landings & A Wonderful Day 😄


I believe I’ve spotted the one and only @Captain_JR here at KATL. I parked right across from him. Hi! 👋


Oh Wassup. The flight is delayed due to unforeseen circumstances. Will be departing in 4hrs. Thanks for the Spot :)


I almost didn’t make it to ATL. Had to refuel before continuing inbound.


Oh so that’s why you went somewhere north of the Airport. I did see you were able to land at ATL in the end, safely :)


Had a rendezvous with a tanker 40mi north of the airport. Started filling with 5minutes of fuel remaining.


I see. Sounds like you’ve had a great time :)


It was nice seeing Levet this morning at KATL :)


One question: why were you in a BA CityHop E190 at Atlanta?



@TRIavgeekMandy is the BACF e190 GOD

She goes everywhere in it ;)


Spotted @tidex on his way to Birmingham… by that I mean the American Birmingham 😛


That’s just my favorite plane at the moment :) . I know for sure it doesn’t fly to ATL or out of ATL but I was watching some friends of mine land there :)


I’ve found deer crusher yesterday in Iran


I think that nobody yet found me xD


just saw @MaksimFerguson at KBTV, Welcome to Vermont!