Community Members Spotted on Live Part 2


Where you even going? WSSS?


Nope, all the way to Auckland! :)


r/wooosh sends turbulence


Enjoy the flight! Gonna go hunt down some dude named mark so I can be like “Oh, hi mark”


Saw @Jonathan_limento departing Anchorage right before I did.



G-MISH–Misha Camp
Sup guys!


Spotted @jghastings taking off from Dubai :)

Safe Flying and Safe Landings, Wishes EK158 from Stockholm 🛫👋


Thanks - off to bed as I head off to KBOS for my first flight this week.


That’s Long Haul. I’m heading back to ARN tomorrow morning so I’ll go to bed and the flight will be parked at the gate till then.

Good Night, I also need to go to bed 😴


Assuming I have the free time in the morning, I tend to prefer really long flights so that I’m not having to get out of bed before I want to in order to land a simulated plane 😂


Spotted @Captain_Awerty at NZAA heading to Dubai! Enjoy your flight!


You mean NZAA (Auckland)? ;)


Whoops, still waking up! :)


Waking? Oh yeah timezones, haha. I’m off to sleep. Hope you had a safe landing and to @Captain_Awerty, have a safe flight to Dubai. We may or may not meet each other there :)


Thanks for the spot! I saw you too @Declan_O! 😀

@Captain_JR Thanks, I hope that we will meet in Dubai. 🤔


This Gulf Air livery is 🔥

Thanks for the spot!


@Ryan_Poteet and @Dylan_Bright arriving into KPVD. Meanwhile @Pinecone with callsign “hi dylan”


Is that real?


No, sorry…


I see @LaroseRoyce at HNL

How are you doing and where are you heading to?

EDIT: WOW, @LaroseRoyce is going to KSJC!!! :D
Thanks for stopping by my home airport! :D