Community Members Spotted on Live Part 2


I found you on LiveFlight. I’m in northeastern Montana right now.


Ah I gotcha lol, thanks!


It’s all good Joseph!


@Dylan_M over Montana! Have a safe flight to John F. Kennedy!


Thanks bud!


I stalled on final shortly after, saved it thankfully but it made my final approach interesting 🤣


Let’s pretend that no saw it 🙈


Was the take off good? I didn’t complete the flight lol


Yeah, it looked good from my view.


Just spotted @EthanT2 at KDTW and @baseball_inferno at KIAD going to KORF and also @Plane-Train-TV in Louisiana and @Vdennis1 flying to Florida.


I had to head back to IAD after an elevator failure


I spy with my little eye @MishaCamp!


Joined @MishaCamp for a while, I hope I didn’t bug you, Misha!
Thank you!


blame low level turbulence


Enjoy your flight to Auckland @Declan_O 👋


Thank-you! I’m glad you got a picture of me sitting at the gate and not my takeoff! HAHA!

Hopefully you didn’t see it…


You pass since it was a 15 knot crosswind 😂


Thank-you, haha! As long as both wheels come off the ground…eventually!


WHEEZE @Declan_O


What does WHEEZE mean? LOL! Thanks for the spot!