Community Members Spotted on Live Part 2


Think it was more of an in joke between them both


i forgot to type lol


I hope so, if not imagine what he had to say to that ATC afterwards. (Probably not too bad)


if i could post what bok bok chicken just told ATC on slack lol


Hahahahahaha I can imagine its colourful


Not sure which Robert this is…but we have been flying the same route to ZSPD


Spotted @Joel1973, @Andre_S and @George_Flack departing from Singapore Changi :)


Spotted @Sebastian9915 at KSEA :)


I think I saw @IFATC_Andrew flying around San Diego when I was ATC
On the Training Server


it might not have been him since IFATC is for expert server, but who knows.


His name was IFAT,C, he wasn’t atc, he was just flying around San Diego
(I was ATC)


So that means it could’ve been any member of IFATC.


Just spotted @Expert_King557 at CYYC.


Maybe @Robert


@Diederick, @Ayush_Mathur, @Jammydj1, @Jake_Stopher and @Adam_Williams - Arriving Soon at WSSS 🛬

@joslleymiguel_holand Departing from Singapore 🛫


If I remember to descend, that is!


Just spotted @Joseph007 departing KRSW.


Hey bud! I don’t see you though. Thanks for the spot!


I wanted to do pattern but at the time of takeoff he said anable pattern work, so now I’m going in vietnam


@Adam_Williams, I see that you are descending, have a Safe Landing :)

@joslleymiguel_holand, Have a Safe Flight to Vietnam :)