Community Members Spotted on Live Part 2


Because the thing is waaaaay too hard to turn. It always drifts in every wrong direction 😂

Edit: No, I didn’t see you. Was busy trying to respond to Fodge on fire


@Evan_Westcott with @Nate_Schneller AKA LAGS 😂



Just gonna say that Fodge’s landing looked a lot like a crash.


Lmao it was definately a rough one…just earned a new callsign “FLARE911” HAHAHAHA


@Yacht trying out the new update!


I thought someone had spotted me on my flight to Innsbruck but apparently not lol


@BigBert10 have fun on your flight to Chicago. (sorry for going to KSFO, planning KSFO - WSSS on Tuesday)


Yeah I see you and @Jshnlsn both going to KSFO :(

Have a great flight anyways! :D
Make sure UVA does some kind of event at KSJC :D XD


Wow awesome. It was a beautiful flight to Bristol. So smooth. I hope your flight was nice too and that you got a great view when approaching Budapest :D


@Jens_Severin landing at ENSR, Northern Norway


Flew plast @MishaCamp earlier today:

(I was flying as Nor Shuttle 9024)


Hello! Friendly reminder to slow down. Mach speed for a B738 is roughly .77 - .79 with normal settings. Even a B787 doesn’t fly at .88!

And don’t forget the semi-circular rule. IFR flights [such as yours], should follow odd altitudes from 0°-179° and even altitudes from 180°-359°


@LaroseRoyce Are you doing KSFO - WSSS aswell?




Ok, thank you for letting me know, although I can fly at Mach .88
And Departure at Charles De Gulle told me to do so


Departure controllers do not dictate your cruise speed. That part is up to you. Also, just because you can go .10 Mach above the aircrafts limitations, doesn’t mean you should. Just use your good judgement :)


Ok thank you:)


Lol check script


Haahhahhaha bok bok chicken


you can’t ghost the Mod. lol