Community Members Spotted on Live Part 2


Thanks buddy I saw ya there in chi town for a sec where you heading ?


Honolulu. 9 hour flight :)


Oh yes Honolulu love that approach, have a great flight man and enjoy the scenery and views !


Today saw @Starley again with Blu and others

@Captain_JR Hi again you too


Hi There πŸ‘‹

Have A Safe Flight ✈️


I think we have an imposter or it’s this @airforceproud95 on our community also is this you @Swiss


Spotted quite a few familiar faces at Dubai for FNF: @Freddiefrogs, @Zuhair.Mazhar, @SouthernDude, @Gliding_Central, @A-FitzGerald, @Jay_Roman, @Logan, @ckc2000 and @LaroseRoyce - Have a Safe Flight Everyone/Hope You Had A Safe Flight 😁 ✈


A few days ago

@Ethan_Hansen and @MrMrMan


@trueearies at EHAM


Hm. I thought you saw me, because when I got close, you changed your heading directly towards me without a waypoint at the location.


Hey Laura!

Thanks @Captain_JR, hope you had a safe flight!


Spotted a wild Laura (x2!) after a super long flight from NTAA-OMDB with @Ethan_Hansen & @natedog508.

Humorous Live Photos

I saw you to!


@Nick_Callum you left before I got in the air 😭😭.


@DiamondGaming4 heading down to OMDB from EHAM for today’s FNF about an hour ahead of me.


@VegasAviation Hello! Have a fun flight to Birmingham, Alabama while I go to Warsaw :)


Thanks for the spot!


No problem. The tabs on my chrome basically explain how I spend my fridays lol.


@Tegar_Kusuma with his callsign GA89 over Turkey going east to Jakarta from Amsterdam.

And hey, im behind you :)


@planecrazy going at almost 2000kts. what is this lol