Community Members Spotted on Live Part 2


That’s the old terrain map,it was removed once Global was released.


I changed mine to “Aviation Airways” to reflect my VA. So try to spot me coming into Seoul soon, 12 hour flight from Manchester, NH :)


Spotted a few more people near or at Seoul today, @ckc2000, @Scott_Ellis_Paddon, @Tarek_Brahim, @rubinedan, @Daniel_Cerritos, @Okenwa_Ejike, @AviationGaming and the controllers at Incheon are @mwe2187 and Adam!! Wait…, let’s see, it’s… @Adam_Macaulay 😉


I just landed after a long flight from Manchester, NH (hometown).
Thinking about flying back later today, but will be departing early so I can arrive at MHT around 6am or so.


My flights for today have ben FRA - ICN and now I’m on my way to NRT then back ICN and then lastly to either Barcelona of Chicago :)


Possibly one of the longest group flight ever with @MrMrMan and @natedog508 . Scheduled to land this afternoon to evening


Yeah figured so. If it was a new feature or something I would have been super psyched.


Well, I put in fuel on my DC-10, ended up almost running out of fuel for some reason on takeoff, so I immediately rejected the takeoff…

Should be back in the air soon…


hello there sir sorry I didn’t see this sooner I went straight to sleep after I set up the auto pilot however thanks for taking time to spot me nice 787 you have there may you have clear sky’s and happy landings <3


Just passed @Declan_O and @baseball_inferno at KDAL! Hope you had a good flight from Washington National.


I certainly did! Have a good flight to El Paso, Texas!


Indeed, I am flying to Las Vegas


Spotted the following people:
training server
expert server (sorry if u weren’t tagged. Couldn’t find ur name)
And of course, myself 😊


I spotted @MrMrMan, @natedog508, @Ethan_Hansen in RKSI.


Hey there! I saw you as well! :)


Looks like @Mark_Eatman decided to join me on my flight to EHAM ;)




Was it the real one? @Swiss


I noticed! Sorry I had to crank up the speed - needed land before I leave for work in the morning…ha!


Hey @Jack_M! Have a fun flight to Portland!