Community Members Spotted on Live Part 2


@Trevor_A, How was your flight to Newark? I went there too.


@mac104 is controlling KMDW now! Hope to see you when I arrive :)

@Tucker_Ryan is at CYTZ now! Heading to Chicago just as I am as well :)


It went well…how was yours


Spotted @Captain_JR and @Plane-Train-TV at EWR


Wish I could stay long enough! Hope it gets filled before you’re there!!


@Luke_Sta - Inbound to MDW. Good luck! 30kt gusting winds should provide a fair challenge :)


@Pilot_urp Did are you enjoying your flight? 😏😏 Thank you for departing from KMSP!


Hey! Saw you as well. Have a fun Flight to Newark :)


You should post that on the Best IF photos thread!


Someday, I’ll be spotted on Live…🥺😂


Mine was great!
I was pretty much racing you to Newark 😂


Spotted @JourdanD departing KMEM for PANC weirdly flying the same route as me


@Balloonchaser @HelloSkyMan @AZA.DAL.610

IFGAC friends ♡


This was totally fun!


En Route to Seoul, SK. Try to catch me either on LiveFlight or when I arrive tomorrow at Seoul :)
Oh, I’m in a B788 :)


I have never been spotted, just saying 😉



Not sure if you have already, but a good way to increase your changes of getting spotted, is to change your in game display name to something like, ‘IFC - JacksonAviation’.

For example mine is ‘IFC - Declan O’ as it matches my IFC username, so people would know who I am.

Hope this helps! :)


Same here and I ve Got IFC-ILOVE7879 on mine


Spotted @Luke_M on Short Final at Seoul. Nice landing, I got a good spot from 11000ft above ;)


What kind of map is that?