Community Members Spotted on Live Part 2


Just landed in Amsterdam on a Singapore Virtual flight 😉


Nice! Just touched down in Paris :)


@Joseph007 @Luke_Sta Enjoy your flight to lagarbagia I mean LaGuardia. Might see you when I arrive at Philadelphia.


Thanks for the spot! Have a fun flight!


Thanks have a good flight to Philly


@Pilot_urp, look behind you!


For all intensive purposes l think it should be acknowledged that @Kate_Russell is the unofficial test pilot of this sim and sometimes it is a real wonder she has any room in the cockpit at all with all those SOTA digital stroboscopes and other equipment for calibrating almost every possible variable and nuance of her flights !


I am hardly that good to be an official test pilot.


Spotted @Captain_Ed doing some pattern work at KDEN


Yup, and I’m finally Grade 4 after doing 50 landings :)
Enjoy your flight to Honolulu


I figured you must be on a mission!


Yes I was keeping the patterns nice and tight (if you can even call them patterns)
It was a little hard to control the TBM with those winds.


Hey there @Christian_Glass I think it is!


Lol did you spot me?


Saw @Azhal_Halil at the near end of my nonstop from LFPG to KLAX yesterday evening as he was beginning a nonstop to Dubai.


Were u flying KORD-EGLL yesterday?





Spotted @Mark_Eatman, ahead of me in the Approach Queue for Newark (KEWR) ✈

And @AviationJack too, on the Ground at EWR :)


En route to EWR :). Busy airspace!


I sure was!
Fun Fact: 13 minutes ETE, had to leave, didn’t finish my flight lol.