Community Members Spotted on Live Part 2


Good flight Mr President



@karl_iszler @Koby_Thomas
I just wanted to watch you guys land honestly, both pretty nice landings I think!
I hope to join DLVA like you guys are both in.


Spotted @Kate_Russell at Charlotte. Nice takeoff!


Spotted today at LFMN and LIMC: @Boodz_G @Finn


@Luke_Sta enjoy your flight to Southwest Florida 😉


Thanks! Enjoy your flight to Newark :)


We’re new to it but it seems like a good VA so far. Don’t forget to consider UPSVA ;)


You had a great landing.


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Good tip! How bout they just remove the minimum? 🤷🏻‍♂️


200 IQ right there


Right where?


@VegasAviation 👋 Have a safe flight to KDAL! :)


Thank you!! :)


Enjoy your flight @Jonathan_limento, im in front of you using 737-900


uhumm uhuumm…hello @IFSFG-Anshul
KLM428 (IFSFG075 heavy) still on the way to Amsterdam from Dubai. I saw the KLM B772 when I was on my way to Kuala Lumpur


I believe I was on my way back from School when you spotted me haha! Landed safely at Amsterdam! Safe Travels to Kuala Lumpur!


I see @Latvia going to Amsterdam from Manchester while I decend into Paris :)


Roger Anshul. It looks like your plane has arrived at AMS some time ago. And I also just entered Iran’s airspace, maybe about 8 hours later it landed at KLIA :)