Community Members Spotted on Live Part 2


Around evening WIB. Nice to see you there btw ;)


I’m en-route to Frankfurt. Along the way I’ve picked up some guests over the Atlantic Ocean and No it’s not Titanic… Leonardo DiCaprio didn’t drown purposely in the movie since he was clearly sunken by Rose for no good reason, there was space on the wood board but she ain’t no want some handsome guy… too handsome for her probably… #SpoilerAlertCuzObviouslyNoOneHasSeenTitanic

Nice too meet you guys, @Darius_Glover and @grxninesix - Have a safe flight you two ✈

Heyyy, look as I near England, yeah, no, yes, I think, I don’t know, I haven’t slept for 23hrs, anyway, Adam is here, or there, @AdamCallow, Callow, right, I hope it’s you, yeah it’s you… it says MAGIC, cool ✨


Spotted @AdamCallow over Nantes going to Nice
And of course @Captain_JR and @Darius_Glover


Thanks for the spot back, haha. Now I would’ve liked your post, but I have no likes to spare. Recently gone a bit haywire on the usage of likes… 😅


Spotted @George just South of Venice, on his last Flight until June. Have Safe Landing :)


Say hey! @Captain_JR


Hey.… There George 😂

And I know you’ve liked too but can’t just like me XD


Last Spotting in Infinite Flight Pro

  • @MaximV - as G-MXVB could be seen in distance from Malpensa 😊

  • @A-Fitzgerald - as LIMC TGA shortly just before I approached the airport 😥

  • @LeoHund - as LIMC APPR

  • @Captain_JR could be seen from far. Just reached Europe mainland for Frankfurt. Well I think we need to bid farewell today 😱

  • @Jonesrox55 - as new LIMC T/G/A ;)

다시 만나 my friends 👋👋👋


Bye Bye, seeee you in June 👋🙏

I’m currently descending and listening to IZONE ;)


Noticed you yesterday as I was decending into MMMM from MMMX. Wasn’t able to get a screenshot.


Thank you, hope your flight was great as well!


Thanks, yeah, it was good. Now I gota sleep, being up for 26hrs straight isn’t that good… 😴


Lol,no that’s not. Sleep well!


Last day of Christmas break, gotta spend it well, haha. Anyways it was nice seeing you. Take care :)


My Christmas break ended on January 2nd. 😑😫

Back on topic


Mine ended on the third.


@JT_Playz and @Captain_Awerty, Welcome To Sweden, the kindest country when it comes to School Breaks and random day offs for whatever reason that I could care less about, but I take it, as it’s a free day off in the middle of the school term ;)

…Aaaand now, back on topic :)


I’ve spotted a few people today…

@Luke_Sta & @bennyslim spotted as I was doing patterns at KAWG.

@Jonesrox55 spotted as I was doing patterns at KAPA.


@karl_iszler and I noticed you! We were wondering why you were holding short for so long :P


Haha, like Koby said, we were wondering why you were holding short for so long. Thanks for the pics!