Community Members Spotted on Live Part 2


@Kate_Russell I just flew out of that airport about an hour ago, flew to Mexico City. That airport actually has daily service to MMMX.

Just arrived at the gate as Mexicana 675

It’s cool to just planespot while at the gate seeing everyone depart and arrive


Just landed at KSFO after flight from MMMX and spotted @BigBert10 parked over at KSJC.


I think I saw you while enroute to MMMX From KIAH


Oof you went to KSFO :(


Challenging 28kt crosswind landing onto 19L after faboulous Gate Approach over the Harbour!


Yeah it’s really rainy over here in the Bay Area so operations at each airport are different

I took off from 12L instead of the usual 30R


Hey @MrMrMan! Hope you had a fun Flight from Veracruz :)

I see you on the ground at MMMX :)


Hey there! :)


These are from both yesterday and today:
at LGAV, making a hard landing

@Koby_Thomas landing at KMSP as I watch

@karl_iszler also landing at KMSP

@Kyle.r24 flying just above me on his way to Nashville

Finally @MrMrMan landing at MMMX.

Did anyone of you guys notice me too?


I spotted you @HiFlyer as I departed Mexico City


I also noticed you, but did not grab a screenshot unfortunately.


Hard Landing? Not as I remember it… It’s definitely not the smoothest but I didn’t slam down on the ground. I’ve done both better and worse landings in the past.

But thanks for the spot :)

I’ll do mention that I did slow down a bit much at the end which could’ve caused it look like a hard landing, maybe?

Yeah I did see you in the queue upon landing 👍


I think it was just Live lagging, the landing looked pretty hard but it probably was just fine.


Maybe that’s the reason. As I can remember honestly, I did not land what I would consider hard. The Pressure, G-Force and V/S were all fine. I do remember it as not one of my best landings, as I had to slam on the reverse thrust and slow down fast, since there was traffic on final. Maybe I did land a bit hard but didn’t notice it much since I was focusing on trying to vacate the RWY as fast I touchdown.

I did also have a rather hard landing today in KDFW when landing too fast with MD-11F, which I’m now flying with to FRA, if you wanna spot me again ;)


Have a nice flight !@George


@Tarek_Brahim on approach while an A380 is departing.


Now I got you! A little apology for the wrong picture earlier @Thomas


Wow! Thanks for the spot Ouzi! Doing my last flight before a long break of IF pro :(

Saw you near MMMX yesterday btw. Where were you going?

I’m running out of likes :(


That’s me! I saw you over there in your MD-11F, too!


Last night ? That was me doing some short hop with TBM930 sorry i forgot the airport names, mexican airport names a bit difficult to remember for me :(