Community Members Spotted on Live Part 2


Very good, thank you.

Hope you had/will have a pleasant flight and have a great weekend 😊


I see @LaroseRoyce heading to LAX from Dallas-Fort Worth!


@mkwiecek just about an hour from DFW. I bet finishing that flight’s gonna feel great.

@USA007 has a long way to go…but Sydney’s pretty cool.

@Freddiefrogs is taking his 744 to Mexico City, a place where that queen will look wonderful.

@Yacht I passed by you as you taxied at LGAV! I was in a Turkish 739. Have a nice flight to Singapore.

@EthanT2 in a beautiful bird like mine.

I will give a virtual cookie to whoever can find me.


Hey! Thanks for catching me! It’s always much better of a feeling finishing the outbound cuz it’s almost 2 hours longer 😂


Indeed! Like running against a wind of sorts, except the wind is mostly a tailwind.


It’s a good flight time grinder for @AmericanVirtual 😂😊


Hey there @Joseph_Krol


Thanks brother! Safe flying!


And a virtual cookie for you! 🍪


Safe flight, @LaroseRoyce


On approach to JFK and I spotted @ouzi


Yeah that was me! on my way to El dorado from Newark. I imitate the original route with the callsign and the type of aircraft. Thanks :)


Got two more… Spotting is fun!

@Thomas (not sure if that’s you tho)

And @Luke_M waiting while a non-community user approaches in the back.


Anyone see me around Mexico …!


Nah, that’s not me. My name is IFC Thomas


Well, that guys name was just „Thomas“. Close, but not close enough.


Where are you now? im currently opened my LiveFlight until i landed


Landed not at mmmx… Had to go…


Spotted @Kate_Russell at KIAH, on her way to Mc Allen. Have a nice flight!


It was actually a nice small airport that needs an update and so does Laredo.