Community Members Spotted on Live Part 2


Hey, there!


Wouldn’t have called it awesome vectoring, but thank you ;)


The Arabian Night, it’s beautiful 😍 but! It can get lonely during these long flights from Australia to UAE.

Thanks to @Chatta290 for unintentionally accompanying me… or did you perhaps do it intentionally to stalk me 😏


I took off before you, are you the one stalking me 😜


Perhaps… or perhaps not 🤫
The world may never know…

Either way, happy to fly along side you. We’ll be parting ways as I have to land in DXB before continuing to Athens ;)


Here we have @Multi777x around 7 NM in front of me on Approach into Athens.

And of course @Trio and @SpeedbirdConcorde


Nice too see you !


Thank you, it was nice to see you in same route !


@PlaneCrazy at KDEN in a CRJ-700! Off to Missoula Intl


Hey @Trio!


@Matthew is at EGE while @Joseph007 and @GlobalFlyer1 land from Dulles.


passing by @GHOST_Heavy. have a safe flight and landing at SXM :)


@PlaneCrazy and @HawaiiPilot10 at KMSO!



@PlaneCrazy didn’t exactly butter, but close enough :)


Thanks for the photos!

Next time please get off the runway a little more, i almost ran into you😂


Haha, LOL, will do!


There was a crosswind to the right. Wasn’t the pleasant of landings for me either. Thanks for the spot :)


@BigBert10 enjoy your flight to KSJC!


Thanks, I’m doing a featured DLVA route from KBHM to KSJC
Time to bring fans together for some Clemson football! :D


@Captain_JR 2 gates over from me. how was your flight