Community Members Spotted on Live Part 2


Here come the list… 😂

Hong Kong --> Beijing --> Hong Kong --> London --> Hong Kong --> Tokyo (Haneda) --> Hong Kong…

Next Stop: Sydney, then back to HKG ✈

When you saw me, I came in from Tokyo.


Nice, we’re both heading to Australia! YSSY is my alternate airport, so might see you there, but if not it’s a good thing haha 🤣


@joseph007 at KMIA


Oh hey! Have a good descent into RSW with @MrMrMan!


Howdy! Have a safe trip to MGGT!


@ET_Mavic - Butter That Sandwich 🥪

@Captain_Ed - 9000 Super, Land Safely 🛬

@A_Hippopotamus - Inbound from Qatar ✈


Nice landing @Captain_JR 👍


Sandwich Buttered 🤙 🥪


Good to see ya 👍


Unfortunately I did not land safely after two attempts. And that is something that I will be addressing in a topic in a matter of hours.


@ouzi safe flight to newark! tell me if you see me too


Short Spotting in Sydney

  • @Levet - ANZ 789
    [Sorry for that intersecting arrival]

  • @IFATCLee3440 - Sydney Approach
    [Thanks for your awesome vectoring service]

  • @Captain_JR - CPA 77W
    [👋👋👋, after a long flight from VHHH]

  • @Tucker_Ryan - QFA A388

  • @TVANatalie471- QFA A388

  • @Olliebollie999 - Sydney Tower/Ground/ATIS
    [Thanks for your service and I’m sorry for my unstable approach, and also that long wait too 😥]

Please let me know if I haven’t added you ;)

Nae maeum soge jeojang ❣️


I see you departing from KIAD (?) and using CRJ-900? Correct me if i wrong 😉


No. I was Southwest 935 doing IND-OAK


Oops… Sorry, but i did not see you there :(


I’m there somewhere 😂


Compared to the one I did in HKG yesterday, this one felt smoother :)


Spotted @Benjwri, Spotting Other’s with a Spotting Callsign, In his Spotting Spot, during his Spotting Session… Spotception… 😮


@Joseph007! (He buttered, so give him a round of applause!)


Thanks thanks

Also saw @robertine! At KLAS