Community Members Spotted on Live Part 2


Thanks, have fun on your flight to Chicago!


I see you too. try and find me somewhere in Michigan


As always nice to see you @SwedishFlyer


@Plane-Train-TV at TNCM!


@Cbro4 and @Ryan1 at KPGD


I see @Plane-Train-TV at TNCM as I follow @Joseph007 inbound to TNCM


Dang it’s a party at TNCM right now. Plane Train Tv on tower and @MrMrMan and @Sean_Green on the ground!


Gotta love helping aspiring ATC! :)


Hey there @EthanT2

you didn’t see that turn


Here we have @Lenny waiting for his departure clearance.

And @AExones on approach

I had to go around on short final. My A330 suddenly dropped right after I deployed Flaps 4. I had to speed up to 180kts to keep it stable. Second approach worked with Flaps 2, but still to fast.


Yes, I was flying the SK A319 Retro :)

Unfortunately, I had to make an emergency landing at EHAM due to engine failure. First, I lost both engines, then managed to get engine #1 working again. Landed safely though.


Hey! Came from lazarote earlier^^ Tipp: dont use flaps 4 in the A330, it has less lift than flaps 3… due to broken Physics ;)


Yeah, noticed that 😂 Plane was impossible to control even after I reduced the Flaps. That Go Around must have looked pretty noobish.


Tat doesn’t sound too good. Engine failures are never fun. But I’m Glad that you were able to land safely :)


spotted @jetpro about to pass over me


Yep! Flying over KDTW on KSFO to KJFK :) - It’s pretty windy up at FL370

I see you as well!


I see @Captain_JR at VHHH!


@joseph_spinner hello there


Hi There 👋

You spawned in just as my back gear touched down… not so smoothly… V/S -60 or slightly more, not butter :/


Oh well! I’m off to Brisbane! Where were you flying in from?