Community Members Spotted on Live Part 2


How much coffee do you need sir?


Back on topic Waffles, thanks, you too @robertine!!

It was nice seeing you all :)

Also I’d take one Ice Latte 🥤



@EthanT2 arriving at TNCM
@AviationJack at TIST
@SwedishFlyer at TNCM
@KIND9624 arriving at TNCM
@Jonesrox55 and @mwe2187 controlling
(This was all about an hour ago)




Hmm, wonder why his callsign is PKIND13🤔


You’re spotting me like crazy


Yeah I see you everywhere😂


@Bacsek_Balint hello there, have a safe flight to sacramento :)


Parked next to @AviationJack after landing at TNCM


Safe flight @Plane-Train-TV. At least you spawned in after my terrible landing at TFFJ.


Have a nice flight to Paris! @USA007

Edit: See @Delta319 heading to Orlando. Have fun!


Thank you @Delta319 , I’ve arrived :D
Happy New Year!



Ran into @AviationJack while taxing to the gate

At the gates with @LaroseRoyce and some other guys (can’t find their IFC usernames)


Spotted @Trevor_Hopkins on Short-Final at EHAM and @gojibe En-Route to EKCH 👋

Safe Flight and Safe Landings 🛬


@airjonathan1 who seems to be going St. Thomas, and @Declan_O who I will meet in KFLL.


See you there @PilotDog


Spotted @Nate_Schneller, @Doug_Hamilton, and @art_martinez doing a formation earlier


@JGrant639 passing over me heading to TJSJ.


@AviationGaming headed to Los Angeles.