Community Members Spotted on Live Part 2


I totally get it, your callsign.


Spotted @Gabe_Z @BigBert10 and @PlaneCrazy at CYVR after arriving together from KSJC. (Who would’ve thought?)


Yep, you were just in time for screenshot! Our aircraft was 737 and you had 737 which is perfect!


We even did the KSJC right loop! :D

@Gabe_Z had the prettiest right loop and he doesn’t do it much

And I frequent KSJC often XD


Actually, it my first time flying out of KSJC.


Well now you just put me to shame XD


Yeah, I got distracted and turned on NAV mode too late, causing a weird hump in my loop.

Thanks for spotting us @Dylan_M! I saw you too!


@masonh2479 saw you in the 'hog out of YVR, I was following you for a bit


Yep that’s me! I was flying down to KPAE and then KSEA to practice landings using the IFR cockpit view! Have a good flight to KPDX!


Hello @SimpleWaffles I just saw you. When I was on my way to LAX from MEL. Then I saw you were flying to HNL

VOZ23 # AAL5


11/23 LTAF -ish thinking “…hit the brakes they’ll fly right by” trying to merge flight paths and let them catch up so I could refuel


@Xpira NOOO WAYYY!!!
You’re not gonna believe this but I just spotted a @HiFlyer in some obscure place down under! Check out my screenshot!


Wow what a rare catch!

A new one book chapter comes out soon.

Of a random person of corse. 😏


We meet again @Plnelovr


I spotted @Daniel14 in a screenshot on live


Is that an A380 at Phoenix? Lol that is too big


No 😂 this was at KLAX


@Kate_Russell you better butter that landing!

More smooth then my skin rn (lol)


Thanks for spotting me! Just an hour away from Honolulu now!


Great Group flight with the Grinch!! (deercrusher)