Community Members Spotted on Live Part 2


@Chatta290 and other IFATC
😱😱 95 planes currently on the ground


I believe I just saw @Ehsan_Khodaei land into Reno in a Frontier A320 as I was prepping for a flight down to Long Beach!


I can see @Igamer Flying past KSEA,Enjoy your flight to Salt Lake City.


Found in the chaos- not sure if the person in the second picture is the real deal :) in the first picture I believe that’s @DiamondGaming4


@Gabe_Z See you at Tokyo! @Aceorbit, @HawaiiPilot10 and @Balloonchaser have a nice flight to Taiwan!


@Patria_Patria in the distance approaching 28R while I approach 28L at KSFO…Nice job running the show @DenverChris!


Whatya doing at @DeerCrusher? You’re going to KORD from VHHH so it can’t be the 737 or A-10. So what is it?


It’s the Avro Canada VZ-9 Avrocar :)


Spotted @DeerCrusher Doing patterns while @Balloonchaser as practicing his approach skills


Did you not hear about the A350 that is coming to IF? Its coming with the Concord and 3D Buildings.

Joking. lol


I WISH. I dream about those things.


Hopefully he makes it to his destination. That’s quite a lengthy flight. 🤔🛫


Thats what I was wondering. lol


He shall speed to the skies of the north
But beware, as you shall give him a berth
For entombed within rain and stone
Is what lies under a luxurious phone
Forget all and leave such a place
Lest you face a fate worse than this chase

Boogaloo. It’s a mystery.


The only thing it could be is an A350 or a 777X that’s the only two I can think of


That’s on the 737 “rework” topic


Well whatever aircraft it may be, one thing is for sure

Laura has one too 😱


This is giving us quite a mystery. Only thing I could think of is they are reworking a wide body or making a new one that may or may not be a surprise.


That speed. That might be Concorde.


Nah, I have done 600+ on transatlantics before due to strong tailwinds at Mach 0.82, usually the winds in Asia are very strong anyway.