Community Members Spotted on Live Part 2


Wait what? I do not have a pro sub right now, canpeople have the same username or something?


Yes, they can get the same as your like Swiss001, I seen few time.




Spotted @Knellered flying over the Atlantic today. I spotted him at EGLL earlier as he was taking off little did I know I was gonna see him later

P.s I am so mad on final I accidentally disconnected my AP and I didn’t calibrate my tablet and it went downhill from there. 8 hours wasted for nothing but that ain’t gonna stop me I will try and complete the flight later on this week but it was nice flying side by side over the chilly Atlantic 😀🥶


You have a rare find. I hardly ever fly on the servers Live. Thanks bud! Saw you earlier today


See @MrMrMan on approach to JFK


Yay, I’ve been spotted!
Hey there :) I didn’t see you, but I hope you’re enjoying your flight!


Thanks! If you didn’t know I was callsign UVA148 if you didn’t see, I’ve already landed into KEWR and it was a nice crosswind Landing :)


O No, Say it ain’t so… I saw you in London… I flew in to Shannon, and saw you as i was taking off from Ireland… I took a more southernly route so landed in JFK first i think… Dang… But you TOO were spotted by me… Come fly for VGVA!!


Saw @Captain_Millz while parked.


Yeah I Saw you take off and I didn’t take off from Egll until about 30 minutes later because I was going over the flight and doing my pre departure checklist and other things. Then about mid way I was checking the map and clicked on your plane and I was like “ I remember hearing this call sign “ and realized it was you. I will take into consideration joining a Va though


@William_Chin, @Chris_S, @DeerCrusher @ KEWR!


Wait, is that me in the United aircraft?


No, you were in a Generic 737.


I hope they are testing out the new A10 model on their end


@Maxim EGLL is the other way


Correct!Thanks for exposing me😬


Not a problem


Spotted @Playr_Mar doing almost the exact same route I’m doing in the same plane departing SFO heading to SoCal!


I saw @Daniel14 too.