Community Members Spotted on Live Part 2


Lots of fun people that aren’t IFATC don’t know how much fun this really is :-)


A simulation of a real life experience as ATC now


😱 @Chatta290 :-)


That was when I was doing my IFATC


@Maxim in London.


In which server do you fly usually?


None in particular… except l have a rule that if there are over 30 or so on any server… l never fly anything except props or light jets… due to increasing and severe evening wifi lag with anything bigger…that more often than usual has caused the app to crash !!!


Thanks for spotting! Did a quick hop from Birmingham to Gatwick, lovely flight with no one around haha!

That being said, spotted @Tom_Grollman a couple of hours ago doing patterns at YSSY.






@Ollie ?

I’ve never seen him before… @epaga


He’s an alpha tester and the wonderful developer of the IF-A app


I know that but I have never seen him on live…


Probably as he’s always outside a region lol


I’m not on as often as I used to be. Working on the Android version of IF-A. 😃

This was a just-for-fun flight from Launceston in Tasmania to Sydney. Man, Australia is such a gorgeous country.




@GHamsz Landing at PHNL before continuing his journey to KSFO.




Yay I’ve finally been spotted!


Well today was your lucky day 😄


I guess Spotted Moss is a new gmo classification…have to update my botanical aptitude !!!