Community Members Spotted on Live Part 2


I was supposed to take off this morning but never did since I wkke up late and almost missed by bus to school :P

So Flight Cancelled 😎


I figured since there was no movement from you during my approach. It was quiet down the coast from SFO this morning.


I’m currently on my way from MKJP to KATL while tracking on the LiveFlight app I manage to spot @Steveo1kinevo pulling outgrow Tampa.

Here’s a link to track him on maybe meet him up in a fighter jet.


saw @LaroseRoyce at EWR in a 78X
what are you testing now?


why hello there misha, I see you’re going on same route opposite direction

I am now boxed in by mods and staff members. this is awkward


Just found deercrusher on LiveFlight:

He apparently has 100 violations:


Really neat flying along side @USA007. I departed from YVR and he departed from SEA. Now following him into Hong Kong for the final 30mins of this flight. 🛬🌏


First time ever seeing schyllberg on Liveflight, flying on the classic MD-11 from Bangkok to Hong Kong.


Spotted @Sebastian9915 at KPAM in Florida.


Spotted him as I was approaching Hong Kong myself 👌🏻


Was really enjoyable @DeerCrusher at first thought ahh he’ll continue onto WSSS as you originally planned but woke up with you following me into VHHH. Fun on the unplanned flight with you


Wonder what those three rockets sitting on a launching pad next to your name mean !


I’m up for some t&gs in aTBM with you sometime at WMBT… maybe even rwy 02 !


Idk, its not my birthday.


It’s your anniversary for being here on the forum. You joined on the 11th of October, last year 2017.

And @Recxx, take those rocket candle talks over on a PM next time, thanks ;)


Nice uh…climb


Oh ok then. I remember I wished someone happy birthday when they had those candles lol.


This is at least his FIFTH TIME NOW that I’ve seen him doing this 😡 more like 50th cause he probably does it on Unicom all the time

Should @Tom_Grollman be permanently banned from the Expert Server

  • Yes
  • Also yes

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I don’t know, I’ve seen “CRASHTOM” and N113RG doing some pretty sketchy stuff too… Why don’t we just ban you both from the ES?


Why are you upset with Tom?