Community Members Spotted on Live Part 2


Lol first time being spotted,feels nice. Yes I was chasing @o somethin*.


maybe that certain blue plane on the left :)


I think this is @Alex_Hancock
Also Jason from flightcast


What are you doing on casual server @Darth_Sidious? Even though you are banned!


Yeah that was me 👍 thanks for the spot, I’ve never been spotted before 😂


Spotted @Wattsup_jet at St Barths something like 20 minutes ago.


@Aniket_Joglekar is that you at KORD?


A few hours ago, I watched @A_Hippopotamus depart YSSY in a Qantas B737-800.


@Jack_M saw you near KORD. make sure to butter that landing


Thanks for spotting me on Pt. 2… had a few on Pt. 1… but this is my 1st on pt. 2!! LOL


@Dylan_Bright i see you at KMSP. safe flight!


Thanks for the spot! Saw you coming in as well! It’s a shame that MSP doesn’t get more attention and traffic in IF…


well we do what we can do.
it’s a nice airport for sure. i’ll come by several more times


Had a flight with @Thomasie



Thanks for the spot I saw you on the ground there and I had an excellent landing


Me and at @Cpt.Sparryax had a great flight from DFW-DXB

We spawned in at the same gate lol


You can also put that last pic in Humorous Live Photos too haha.


Haha, I have many pics for that thread.


Saw @DeerCrusher controlling at CYVR today ;)

And @CYYZ I see… @LaroseRoyce and @Justin_Chan 🙋‍♂️


Spotted @Captain_JR upon landing at LAX a few minutes ago. Figured I’d park right in front of him…