Community Members Spotted on Live Part 2


@morgan99 is the TBM,@Anawin_Roongsaengjan is the A318,@LeonVeen is the P-38,@Evan_Westcott is the F-16,@racerclc is the white TBM,and @Toxic_Inferno7 is the C-17! All at the Miramar Airshow.(I’m Air Force 1 by the way)


I assume this is @Lachy_R

…who I then ended up bumping into again at KSJC


Hello! God, look at them violations… I must’ve been the biggest pain when I first started playing Infinite Flight. 🤨


Hey look. It’s @Ryan2 and his five go arounds!

That was a fun and busy session in the tower of a GA airport.


British 787. I flew into KSUU while you were headed into KSJC. We were neck and neck from EGLL.


Spotted the one and only skyhawk heavy yesterday at EGLL


Oh that was you, sorry didn’t notice. Hope you had a great flight :)


Yeah, even better because I’m in a group with the foke that were open


Mistakenly spawned into KSAN, but upon doing so I spotted @GHamsz getting ready for takeoff.

Have Safe Flight to Palm Springs :)

Oh wait, Palm Springs has Active ATC today… ohhh, didn’t know… 😅
Well then I can see a bunch of peeps over there, Time for some excessive spotting ;)

I see: @Zuhair.Mazhar, @XxNightFlyerxX, @MacGyver, @samuel_pierre, @Jay_Roman & @Matt (That’s you right? IFAEFIVE - IFAE GAF-Matt Ryan1 or is that some other Matt?)

Oh and @DiamondGaming4 is spotted by me, a bit further away from KPSP :P

And @Knellered at KLAX.


@BigBert10 your favorite airport is getting so much love!


Sad to not be able to attend. 😔

But I love how KSJC is getting attention!


So do I, it’s defiantyl underserved


Because of KSFO! People are choosing KSFO over KSJC.

KSJC is in the shadows of KSFO


And KOAK, I am glad JetBlue is coming to SJC

Let’s talk on discord now and not clog


Landed there about 30 minutes ago.


I happen to run into @DeerCrusher prepping for a flight Down to NZAA from KSLC


Plenty of staff and mods in the skies!(I’m planning to escort one of them)


hey I can see myself in that first image too :) (i’m one of the planes heading from YSSY to NZAA)

EDIT: spotted another community member just heading out of NZAA to YSSY. Will send pics once I land


You see me chasing Tyler in an F-22?😂😂😂


found a desperate waffle

also right in front of you is another ifc member