Community Members Spotted on Live Part 2


Who is this lol


A think we both crashed ahah


If you’re asking who Bok Bok Chicken is, then I must say it’s no other than the one and only… drumroll

@Chris_S, or it was him last time I checked, Unless Deer has taken his roll to fool us all :P

But my bet would be on Chris ;)


Ah thank you, I wasn’t sure what his callsign was lol


Looks like it’s bok bok chicken Super, I suppose he grew in size since last time I saw him, haha 😂


It’s Chris s I don’t think we are able to tag mods tough


Yea I think we are


Ah all right thanks just wanted to be on safe side 😊


Once again mine and @Kate_Russell paths have crossed on the expert server!


Yes and off to Rome I go and then to Heathrow.


Hey this is nice. Nice way to concept what we love!!! Nice shot mate


Found @pinecone near KONL. You see me?


Today I spotted some community memebers at London @Cjthew91

@DenverChris @ThomasR


Yup, that’s me!


I didn’t see you.


@Captain_JR Got you off the left wing. Hows the weather up there?


Which plane was I flying then. British Airways 787-9 or SAS A320?


The touchdown of @Starley in San Jose.


Nice to see the A340 getting some love. (Even if it is a pain to fly)


Yeah Lufthansa Cityline operates EDDF-KSJC. The A340 looks like a giant pill on steroids for me.