Community Members Spotted on Live Part 2


I can’t stop laughing about the ONE MILLIONTH VEWIER ad lol


Had fun doing patterns with @DeerCrusher in the TBM-930 at PHMU.


I’m still waiting to be noticed on a flight, look out for me later tonight in Hawaii: IFATC IFEP YT hi15td
See you in the skies


Lots of fun! The TBM is a quick and sporty bird for the pattern. Nice flying with you again! 😁


Yeah i Know, It always pop’s up for me. lol


Pretty cool man! Nice shot.


Spotted @Kate_Russell here at KORD in the United 787-9


Yep, I am going to Doha.


Have fun! I was going to fly to Paris but decided to wait


This photo was taken quite a while ago(credit to @Goran12),but notice that Misha’s Callsign is “Its Coming Home”,there is the TBM’s logo,and it says ‘Da’,short for Daher-Socata TBM930!!! So Misha had the TBM 2 and a half months earlier huh…


I was invited by @Jackson_Kaiman to join a very special flight on the Training Server from JFK to ORD. 🙂Thanks for letting me tag along.


This is awesome! Best flight Ever!!!


Time to go to space. 😊


Space shuttle status!


Hey @Hopperbolic! I see you heading for KLAX. How was your flight from RJAA?


yesterday after the flash flight parked with Laura and the gang


@captain_Millz headed to Louisiana from KSDF.



@Flyscot Coming to duabi with me, a380 from Birmingham;)


Hello from 41000 ft up 👋🏻