Community Members Spotted on Live Part 2


No, I had to eat dinner.


Spotted @Trevor_A at KSJC.

Nice work on performing the KSJC SID. The BA kind of went in the wrong direction. XD You are supposed to turn right after departing from Runway 30R but this BA turned left XD


Yea have a nice flight too Phoenix @BigBert10 . I was dying when I saw him turn left but fun time on the SIDs out of SJC


Skyhawk Heavy (Mark) was flying the TBM 930 next to me!!image


@Lachy_R landing at Big bear city whilst I’m forgetting the rules of expert server


Saw @Johan,@Panther,@Sand—I mean @ET_Mavic at KOPF today!


Saw you to 😄. First time being spotted on this thread, feels nice!

I spotted @Panther again 👋 doing some crazy pattern work 😂


I like my pattern work… crazy style


Lol in the left edge you can see AFLZ,I was W-AFLZ


Rouge One, cleared for takeoff runway 09L, fly runway heading, maintain 2000 or assigned higher altitude and expect vectors to appropriat transition. Expect further clearance to filed altitude ten 10 minutes after departure.


@Woods Dylan reporting clear of all runways at TJSJ a moment ago


Is that you at KPDX, @dylan_dylan31?


Yep, that was me :) And now I’m off to Long Beach


Have a good flight! Have fun! I’m about to pushback for KSFO!!!




Is that @keepitboeing on approach to my trigger airport? maybe you could stop by the other 2 Bay Area airports and one of them is my favorite.

Looks like I’m also descending for my trigger airport!


Had a great flight with Deer Crusher in the TBM @DeerCrusher👋🏾


So you and @DeerCrusher did a group flight together? Lucky!


Yessir.I love this community everyone is very nice.


Asheville is a nice airport. Lovely views on the arrival. Thanks for joining! Hope you’ve been enjoying the TBM. 🛬


Found @AviationMad on the way from my flight from Townsville to Brisbane. (I am the plane in the blue circle.)