Community Members Spotted on Live Part 2


Ah yes, I don’t know what he was doing. I talked to KOIIX about it but he didn’t see it occur unfortunately. Swerving across the airport surface and on grass, entering the runway, and colliding with other aircraft is definitely ghostable though.


@DeerCrusher landing at Gold Beach in Australia with the new TBM!


@BigBert10, I see you closing in on your Home airport- KSJC. I’m closing in on SFO from WSSS😁


Oh hey! I see you too! How was your flight, @CaptSnilloc (United 2)?

I’ll be landing at KSJC and then updating Infinite Flight :D


Good and smooth. Should cap out about 14.5 hrs. Lol, I’m doing the same- land, park, exit and UPDATE!


@BobbyRobert Like @KSJCRampAgent said i had no idea it occured after he told me; i had a ton of inbounds and was focusing on seperation rather than a ton of TBM’s taxiing without ground freq… I had my camera centered on the runway and didnt really see the TBM’s too much. Sorry about that tho!


Just saw @ChronicTailwinds taking off from EDDF :)

Have a Safe Flight 👍


Saw you as I was departing. Did your flight really take 23 hours?


Nope, I’ve been sitting there for quite a while after I landed.

12hrs - SIN to FRA


Found @MishaCamp on liveflight


sorry for disturbing you @Laura but hi!!


No tagging devs


Please do not tag the DEVS. ;)


Following @Yungbull over the Bahamas


Spotted some folks over at KOPF.

Say Chee… wait, Say TBM @TheHummus and @MaximV ;)


Haha, hello! 👋


Was taxiing the TBM around and I clipped someone’s wing, didn’t have the names on so didn’t think much of it

Turns out that user was @schyllberg
I’m so embarrassed.

Also saw @DeerCrusher and @Cbro4


@Cbro4 saw you overflying MCO


Thanks for the spot! Making my way to KLEX to meet @Trio.


you see me? i’m off to your right