Community Members Spotted on Live Part 2


@CaptSnilloc, is that you at KSFO my trigger airport?


I saw you hanging out in your SWA 737 @BigBert10😉


I was preparing for a flight to KLAX. I just took off a few minutes ago. Have fun on your flight to PHNL!


so i spotted 2 Lauras?


Spotted @Kate_Russell fixing to hop the pond🛫


Seen Ghamsz today and flew some very nice patterns!

Thankyou @DenverChris for you amazing service as ATC today!



Yeah, I did realise but he increased his/her speed once I cleared you for take off. Yeah I think you would of just made it but to be safe I just cancelled the clearance


@Isacc_Paddy at LAX once again.


Thanks @SimpleWaffles shout out to United VA. EGLL-KLAX😃


Spotted @ThomasR doing patterns at WIOO!


I can’t say what his username is


Spotted @Kate_Russell as I was departing KEWR


Spotted @DeerCrusher just east of Singapore.


Make sure your picture uploaded. I unfortunately can not understand all of those complex letters and numbers 🤨.




Spotted the staff members at Brisbane.


What’s up @Balloonchaser!


Hey @KSJCRampAgent, and everyone else I saw at YBCG. What was up with that one guy who took off without permission after crossing the grass? Just a troll?


I’m not sure who you mean. @Koiix might know, he was controlling.


I meant the guy who crossed the grass before going in just in front of you while we were taxiing. (I was right behind you)