Community Members Spotted on Live Part 2




@IFBR-Scorpion maybe


spotted IFC @HaydenL BAW2780 Super has just departed from Manila and was now on a trip to London
Manila (RPLL/MNL) to London (EGLL/LHR)


Spotted a new face on Expert server at CYYZ


Saw @FlyScot control at KSFO today on my flight from KSFO-KLAX!


Nice to see you, sorry for the take off mistake


Yeah,that Qantas guy was about to land,if you didn’t realize it,I think I probably would have had a few seconds to spare.


@ILOVE7879 wow that is soo cool! You spotted me at KLAX yesterday!


Spotted G-Hamsz callsign GLH1002 at LTBA Yesterday. No Aircraft name or picture so i’m guessing testing out the TBM! He is on the parallel taxiway.


Spotted @Patria_Patria on approach to KOAK while I’m inbound for KSJC.

Display Name: IPP Patria_Patria
Callsign: N603QX


Should’ve guessed, haha xD
I should take stroll down to KSJC again someday, maybe spot you ;)


Haha, I saw you as well @BigBert10 😎. Ended up with a missed approach and had to double down but that’s okay, test flight for Tailwind Flying Club. I always get nervous during those.


@Wattsup_jet I’m guessing your headed to London Heathrow in a 777-300ER


hey where are you? i’m south of BIKF in an MD-11


I’m over France heading to Heathrow. I’m about 45 minutes out.


I’m waaaayyy behind you
stay spawned in if you wanna see me
Ete 1:56


I see someone with the display name Brendan - FDXVA heading to KPHX from KSFO as I am heading to KPHX from KSJC.

Maybe one of you from FDXVA will tell me what his IFC name is.

This guy:


@ThomasR I see you’ve brought the A-10 out of the hangar


@ThomasR spawned at RAF Lossiemouth before disappearing precisely 29 seconds later.


nice pics IFC!