Community Members Spotted on Live Part 2


Yes that’s who I mean


It was nice. Scenery in Austria never gets old. 🏔


Hey what about me? 😱


I did not see you. Lol I was not actually going to check EVERY person flying in the FNF!


I was with the crusher of deers 😂


Saw this guy named TheEnder but I can’t find his name…


Nice landing at Zurich @iSxythe!


Oh no I’ve been spotted. Wanna do a flight together?


Hi @MishaCamp

@Flo_Rauslg and @Moonlit doing nice ATC work at Zurich


I spotted PacMan during my flight from Dubai - KLAX


@BigBert10 en route to KSAN from where else? KSJC!!


So that’s who is flying in front of us nice to see you @BigBert10


Yeah that’s normal. What you really have to watch out for are the ghosts. 👀👻


Or maybe a speed violation if our flying Mach .091 😂😂


Saw several people during today’s flight from GCLP (Gran Canaria) to LOWW (Vienna Int’l)

@NationofAviation This was planned don’t worry:





I hope @AZA.DAL.610 doesn’t see that. 👀
Thanks for the tag!


@Xpira you know that everyone loves Italy 🇮🇹 😏


just getting my trusty A321 out of the garage after a long while of it sitting in there. Glad to see you out and about!


Flew some really nice patterns with @DeerCrusher at LOWI


Lovely airport, isn’t it! Scenery is breathtaking.

Nice job to @Ethan_Hansen, IFATC’s newest controller. He did a phenomenal job controlling at LOWI. 🙂