Community Members Spotted on Live Part 2


I saw you. 😛


Thanks for the spot @Mell_Ijzerman. Still find it so hard to land that plane. If you’re ever on one and I’m flying. Get off lol 😂


I spotted Skyhawk Heavy and Laura at the recent event!


Please don’t tag devs. :)


Thanks for letting me know won’t happen again. Should I remove the post?


There’s no need for that. It will be fine if you edit it. :)


Lol. You can still say there names. Just don’t tag “@“ them. :)


Gotcha, thanks I’ll change it. :)


Hahaha I was not sure that I saw u! But awesome to see u!


So I took a photo like a month ago of Misha Camp,and in the background was @Starley!


First time seeing them!


I see @Xpira near ESSA!


👋🏻 Yeah! I’m taking the 788 out for a spin today. Should be a fun landing. Never been to Norway in IF. :)


Nice! Descending and landing. You can watch it all here (if you want):


Heyyy @DeerCrusher! How was the flight?



Spotted @Chris_Hoover at ENGM just now and I also spotted @Cbro4 on final when I was departing ESSA


I don’t know if a @Chris_Hoover do you mean KILO-REN? 😏


Parked next to @Levet (probably testing the TBM) at Oslo today. @ThomasR also spawned nearby in an A-10, but despawned shortly afterwards.

I also spotted @Scott_Ellis_Paddon descending into Oslo after I had departed:

I also saw @Mark_Denton and @Cbro4 but only in the map view. Got a brief glimpse of @DeerCrusher as well just after I arrived.

I don’t often attend FNF events, since I don’t tend to fit in amongst the airliners in my F-22. I was flying from RAF Lossiemouth (EGQS) to Evenes (ENEV) for a GAF event, and decided to land at Oslo for fuel and to say hello.


My bio says it all. I’m a Star Wars fanatic, and that has been my classic callsign for quite sometime now ;)