Community Members Spotted on Live Part 2


Why not, why is that bad?


cough 737 cough


I hope it is! Either way cool to see unknown aircraft that could be one as a rework!


Well, for one thing, it’s a rule that you shouldn’t tag Devs unless absolutely necessary. This is just to keep their notifications to a minimum.


@Cjthew91 that’s better in a PM with @DiamondGaming4


@claytonbrasil700 departing El Dorado on his way to Madrid


@DenverChris at SBKO, keeping me busy.


👀👀👀 or was I gonna stop for gas?


@MrMrMan and his troops on my tail!


Hey there! Just your friendly DLVA/AAVA codeshare flight 😜😂


Saw @MishaCamp on LiveFlight.


I seen myself #goals


I believe that this is for in game. Since LiveFlight is a third party app, I don’t think it counts. 🤷‍♂️


I wonder if anyone spotted me. I always fly the routes no one dos🤣


Spawned in right next to @Laura


Please do not tag staff and developers. Thanks!

Feel free to tag moderators though


I saw @Isacc_Paddy and @LaroseRoyce at LAX today on Expert!


Spotted @Kate_Russell doing KEWR-KCLT!


Saw Misha at KSFO today sporting the 787🛫!


the 77W absolutely dwarfs Misha’s 788