Community Members Spotted on Live Part 2


I’ve spotted you a lot.


I think I just caught @JT_Playz near LAX on causal server. He probably saw me because I was over speeding right beside him in a frontier 321.


Yup that’s me! I think I saw you too! I also crashed upon landing lol.


bank angle. bank angle! BANK ANGLE! 👀


It’s called approach mode sir😂


Spotted @THE-OP over France!

In an unknown aircraft 🤔 TBM…(possibly)

EDIT: too far of a route to be a TBM…


@DeerCrusher and @MishaCamp and @Laura at ESSA today


I’m staying up until 3am to land this…commitment 😉


don’t tag devs bro. unwritten rule


Maybe something else?! 🤭🤷‍♂️


I’ve just notice what this guy was doing over the east coast of the US, that is really amazing👌🏽🤙🏽 @Jomar_Jvr


🤯🤯🤯!!! How did you make it so perfect @Jomar_Jvr?! Amazing work!👏


Yeah. How did he make that flight plan?


Thanks guys … I just copy the FPL from other users …


Cool. Hope it was fun!


Flew KIAH-EDDF with @LucasMillen for UVA. We got a nice push from the Atlantic winds and had to do a long holding pattern to descend 😂We also saw @Captain_Millz for AVAA. Same plane for KDFW-EDDF.

(Left, Me. Center, Millz. Right, Lucas)


Sweet shot. I literally sat and watched both you guys land. Great landings from the both of you. And i saw you guy as soon as i departed KDFW about 9 hours ago 😂. Thanks for the recognition mate, means alot.


Spotted @MishaCamp and @Laura before I got ghosted 🤦‍♂️


Wow that’s amazing! That guy did a brilliant job


Please don’t tag Laura.