Community Members Spotted on Live Part 2


Just saw @jghastings, taking off from AKL bound for HKG.

Have A Safe Flight, Cathay 1 9 8 Heavy ;)


@Buccaneer at NZAA yesterday. Good job on ATC @Lachy_R


Hi Misha!


Thank you.

Got a few nudges from behind in the takeoff queue to help me along. Why are some pilots unable to move forward without going up to what sounds like full throttle?


It just gets them up to taxi speed quicker.


That’s a very good question, i often hear people throttle up to around 80-100%. And i myself just around 10-20, which makes others impatient as i move slowly, but hey that’s reality, a 777 fully loaded bound for SFO isn’t supposed to taxi 25kts :P

But what i always do is to ignore those types of pilots, they can power up as much as they want but i’m moving at my own pace which matter in fact does not delay the queue so there’s nothing to be stressed about ;)


@Oli_H Very nice and smooth landing at Melbourne🤙🏽 I was the other Jetstar.


Thank you @Thomas will look out for you


Somewhere over New Zealand…


I think I caught either an imposter or the real @Swiss . Maybe If it is the real one, I will be in a video.


Who is thunderstock??


a moderator, that’s who.


Waiting at VHHH 07R hold line with @Bluewing in matching SAS A330s, both heading for ESSA.


Spotted @Tom_Grollman flying from Santa Monica to Vegas, while I was flying from LA to Vegas as WN 6116! Tom don’t lose all ya money on the slot machines lol


The ghost of Misha 100% sure buttering


Spotted @MishaCamp United 777-200ER
@ VHHH Gate W44
Fly safe


@Ren @iSxythe @Jerseyant @Clocktapus


Oh no! I’ve been spotted by the wild Waffle


I found @Pinecone doing KEWR-KBOS!


I was doing that with @itsNoahKerr