Community Members Spotted on Live Part 2


Thanks for the escort @Grizpac! Quite bumpy, eh? :)


Saw Gordon Ramsay! Or was it that @DeerCrusher guy?


@Swiss @Swiss @Swiss @Swiss @Swiss
@Swiss @Swiss @Swiss @Swiss @Swiss



@DeerCrusher your still using Gordon Ramsay as your call sign? xD


I am. Just spawned in at OIZB for some patterns.


Lol, idk if that’s the real @Swiss but if it, WAKE UP M8!!!


it is to my belief
he has the “YT” in his display name


Ah ok, makes sense because of all the fans he had imitating him on IF.


No that’s me… I fell asleep in the middle of the flight rip


Please don’t tag staff :)


aahhh ok sorry I did not know


Flew over @N1DG last night. Descending into LFPO now…


Spotted a famous one @MishaCamp


Hi @Sam_K and @MishaCamp
I just saw G-MISH and Down Under (Sam K) who are still on the way to Palm Beach, Florida😃✈
Atlanta (KATL/ATL) to Palm Beach (KPBI/PBI) | Southwest Airlines | B737-700 | Expert Server


Someone is stealing my name… 👀

@MasterZekrom change your callsign please


today in Atlanta and throughout the east coast there were many mods and staff with unknown aircraft
Does that mean that an update will come out soon?
what plane will it be? hahah🙄🙄


The return of @MishaCamp!!!


I found @Thorge doing a flight from KJFK-Southwest Florida


Haha 😅

Never thought someone will spot me.


Haha I’m yet to be spotted! I enjoy the anonymity 😏