Community Members Spotted on Live Part 2


Spotted @Recxx over Virginia.


I just saw you, flying from Dubai, heading to Boston. And to your right, there’s a flight QR739 on the way to Los Angeles. And that’s me hehehe. By the way, is that you flying to Boston from Dubai? @Shanawaz_Shaikh btw safe flight!


EK2607 | Dubai (OMDB/DXB) to Boston (KBOS/BOS) | B777-31HER | Emirates | Expert Server


Saw @MishaCamp take off from Atlanta heading to Frankfurt on Expert Server.


Had a great flight with @MishaCamp @Cameron and @ jason from Flight Cast with @AF-KLM_VA




I just saw @DeerCrusher flying to Warsaw, from Innsbruck. Safe flight!😃😉🙂✈
DeerCrusher | Bombardier CRJ-200 | UTAir Aviation | INN to WAW | Expert Server


If you haven’t done so already, you need to either fly in to or depart out of Innsbruck. Such a beautiful departure with the mountains towering above you on both sides. Super fun! 💯


I’ve spotted a @Swiss imposter


yes that’s true, I also plan to make a flight from there. And I like the scenery there, especially there are amazing mountains around LOWI. It seems like I have to try going there again


Yes, that is a faker…


What is the biggest jet allowed to land at LOWI… forum thread verified 757/767 and FK100’s are routine models for it’s 6K rwy !


I’ve also spotted an @MishaCamp imposter


Thanks a lot bro btw it was a safe flight


wow it turns out it’s you, I have doubts when I will tag your name, because i afraid mistaken. Btw I see you when I go up to 30,000 feet, and then I see you are heading to KBOS. And the position of the two planes was quite close😂😄😁 @Shanawaz_Shaikh


Lol… btw I was not close to my phone at that time hope u have enjoyed it cheers…


Not an imposter. The guy’s probably flying the G-MISH a318


@Delta319 you are correct he was using the G-MISH A318


But, he is still not the **real @MishaCamp **


I was Trying (and failing to escort @DeerCrusher doing a flight with Gordon Ramsay. To bad he left. :/


Hopefully I didn’t. Had to jet off to go pick a family member up from DEN. Hoping I didn’t crash. Will have to check in an hour or so.


@DeerCrusher You didn’t just fell a bit behind me