Community Members Spotted on Live Part 2


@MrMrMan spotted at Adana Airport in Turkey


Hey there ;) that was pretty fun


Spotted @ADDY28 controlling on Expert.


And then while practising my landing skills (KONT-KLAX) I luckily find @Plane-Train-TV controlling KLAX tower


Found Laura and Swiss001 within a few gates of each other last FNF ;)


Was this you @DeerCrusher?


I have no idea. Strange… 🤔


No wonder Tesla’s having trouble, Elon Musk is flying a C208 in 15kt tailwinds on final in the middle of Japan!


Never again.

LAX on TS🤦‍♂️


Oooo i spotted @tomthetank in his C130 flying all alone over the Arabian Peninsula. It was nice seeing you 🙋‍♂️

Hope you had a great flight. Also safe landings 😁


Wonder if anyone will spot me on my way from RTJJ-WADD on the expert server!

IFATC George Flack


And you as well! Happy landings.


Today spotted some community memebers again




Wow I’m surprised a mod has visited NUC before me
I’m yet to visit that notorious island


Deer and I were both at KNUC, it was actually really fun. I’ve never seen that airspace used properly but that time it was.


Hello @Transport_Hub


Was this an ivent?
I’ve never seen kmia this busy!


Hey, @HiFlyer, i found you!


I didn’t spot any community members today but perhaps you will spot me…I am flying an Air France 787-10 for a bit…liking the way it handles!