Community Members Spotted on Live Part 2


DeerCrusher at KDEN at today’s event


Levet and Seb came along as well ;)

You got two Moderators and one Staff :P


I know! It was cool seeing these members of the community flying among us!


@DeerCrusher in front of me in line to takeoff.


Everybody is spotting Deer, haha xD

Hey @DeerCrusher, you’re famous, as if you weren’t that before :P


Hmmm. That Southwest B738 was showing no gear for you too. Strange… 🤔


Spotted @KPIT heading to CYVR! Heading there also


My app just crashed when I tried to take a screenshot to spot you, thanks a lot @Daniel14… 😂


Youre being intercepted…

Stand down immediately! 😂


Had a really fun flight over on the Training server with user: Captain Liam (please tag if known)

A few shots of his escort by yours truly and our pattern session at EGNX.

Great flight man, again soon?



You don’t need gear😜


Just saw @DeerCrusher at KNUC :)


I’m not gonna lie when I say this, but this is my first time at San Clemente (KNUC) since the launch of global. 😂 Yeah, believe it or not! But its true.


What’s up @DeerCrusher I’m sure you saw me spin out on the runway in my SR22!


United 495 Heavy runway 25R Clear for takeoff
Spotted Kizzair - IFC
hello @Kiz


I’ve seen @KillR a lot today. First at KNUC, now at KBUF


Hey what’s up @MrMrMan thanks for doing pattern work with me at KNUC and especially in my hometown!


We got pretty close at times 😂 that was fun!


I saw you doing loops while i was in my CTX and right before i approached the runway you floated her almost to the end of 25 lol


Saw @MishaCamp arriving into CYYZ Toronto from LTBA Istanbul!