Community Members Spotted on Live Part 2


Good! I just flew KDEN - KASE - KDEN. Nice little short hops for UVA. :)


Hey i can see @Kiz behind me, sneaky…
Haven’t spotted you since i last saw you in Taiwan back in what was it… April, May maybe? 🤔

It’s good to see you through 😁


I saw you departed from runway 20. I departed from runway 24 and coincidentally we got very similar SIDs. Hope you enjoy your flight 😁


Thanks, have a safe flight you too :)


Hey @Connor! Is that you at KDAL?

I spotted someone with display name IFATC Connor Duffy. I think it is @Connor. If not, who?

EDIT: Yup, I don’t know who IFATC Connor Duffy is. It’s not @Connor.


No, it’s not me I was flying LGA - KIAD


Just saw @jghastings at KDEN. Hope you had a smooth landing ;)

I left to fix my FPL for the return flight, and as i spawn back in, you’re gone 👻😂


Smooth-ish ;-)

Off to KLAS to do a trans-desert run to KLAX. Can’t make the fly-out later, so clocking up some landings wherever IFATC are this morning.


guessing you had to get an escort because of today’s events. (i am aware this is may 6)



Taking off from Amsterdam Schippol headed on a long journey to Calgary with DLVA in a Boeing 777-300
As I prepare for a short flight to Dublin in an Aer Lingus A320


@Captain_JR has been standing at his gate at KDEN since I spawned in around 5:30am EDT. The event at KDEN doesn’t start until 12:00pm EDT. Someone is very excited for the event! Haha. :)


Haha, very excited and i gotta grab a hold of my gate, it’s a big spacious one, may attract unwanted havies :P

And i flew in from Frankfurt, arrived 20 min early so, that’s plus on the corner ;)


Nice! I’ll see you at the event! :)


I saw MANY people at Denver when I was flying past. Some people who I managed to identify were @Bruno_Palma, @Luke_M @levet, @deercrusher, @Amar_Koric, @Joseph007 @loganklovell100, @danielsun36 and @Cpt_Richard. I also saw @tomthetank when I was landing at KAPA.

No screenshots, I’ve uploaded a video instead on the infinite Flight Video Thread. You can watch it here.


You got the fly over caught on video right?


I recorded from just over 1 minute out until we passed Buckley AFB. I also recorded the run and break at KAPA.


Can’t wait to see it, great flyover, it was a splendid idea to it :)


Nice seeing you too! :)


I was quite pleased with it myself, and I’m an extreme perfectionist. I had planned to fly over at 1600Z with an accuracy of +/- 10 seconds. Looking at the video footage, it looks like we were less than two seconds ahead of schedule.


Let me add on to David’s list by saying, i spotted: @Leah, @Levet, @DeerCrusher, @BigBert10, @Krunchy_Toast, @Justin_Chan (TWR Controller), @tomthetank (APP Controller), @Jeffrey1o2 (GRD Controller), @Mark_Eatman, @Maverick_1000, @Moosehead08, @MAC8, @danielsun36, @Hockeyman_02, @RTG113, and the man himself who arranged this amazing Event, @Nathan.

Thanks to everyone participating, and thank you that i got to be a part of this truly wonderful Event :)