Community Members Spotted on Live Part 2


@Daniel14, roughly 2 weeks ago

@Daniel14, one day ago

Nice seeing you!


Nice seeing you to! The top flight was a complete success while the bottom flight just didn’t go well at all…


Spotted @PlaneCrazy

Also spotted @RTG113 when was controlling


Today i spotted some community memebers.




Spotted AirQuest. I cant find his username


Goran12 departing EGLC


Spotted Today


I was the the spirit plane saw you takeoff pretty nice takeoff I think you were off to Portland


Nice! Yup, i was going to Portland.


Haha, this is crazy, i was just thinking… hmm wonder if I’ll see @Cbro4 today, last time i was at CYYZ i did, and speaking of the thought i had, there you are, and Grade 5 as well! Have a Safe Flight!! 😁

I myself, Next Stop: Tokyo Haneda Int’l Airport, gotta visit Japan you know 🗻

Yeah i know G3 here, Violation, my fault and landing count, gotta do give the Cessna some love soon on them touch and goes or do regional flights like you are doing ;)


Thanks! Just trying the CRJ-900 for the first time and seeing if I like it. Let’s just say it didn’t do too well with the storm! Have a good flight!


I also see @jakevaz423 a bit north of KDTW!


Thanks, got a very heavy flight tonight. Until next time, G’d Night 😴

And hope to see you soon!

Edit: Yup, i see him as well now ;)
@jakevaz423, you got two pair of eyes watching you 🤓

Annnnnnd also @BluePanda900 is inbound for landing after a Trans-Atlantic flight from Paris.


@Cbro4 @Captain_JR Thanks for the spot! Just safely (but bouncy… still getting used to the CRJ) touched down in Denver. How are your flights going?


I always keeping bumping into LasVegas, we always seem to be in the same aerospace at the same times always… neat


I landed at KBUF 10 minutes after JR spotted me.


Try not to bump into @LaroseRoyce too often… or you might make his CD player skip !!!


Just spotted @Chatta290 and @MishaCamp, both inbound at LEMD.

And @Cameron_Brown as well. Just saw you as i reached cruise ALT ;)

Safe Landings Guys 😁

No need to wish me the same, #FlyingRyannairToday 😜


Spotted @Darius_Glover at KDEN earlier this morning. How was your flight? :)


Lol. Great. Landed safely in Philadelphia. Where’d you fly into from?