Community Members Spotted on Live Part 2


The CRJ 1000 is tricky on landing. I lost that one! Slipping and sliding all over! Call it beta testing! Lol


@LaroseRoyce You were spotted again 👀


Spotted myself on the tracker😂


@Kate_Russell chilling over the east coast


@Kyle.r24 at CDG from Atlanta.


Spotted @Kate_Russell while approaching Frankfurt for a stopover.


I think that was his IFAE test.


Who’s IFAE test?

I’m still waiting for mine from @N1DG

I sent my stats and he was going to get back to me…never replied


@Trio’s IFAE test. He told me he was taking it soon.


Message me! Been busy and haven’t gotten around


Oh…I thought it was a long process since IFAE is like a serious group, so I decided to remain patient


It is a long process. I’ve had a lot of recruits that contacted me first so it’s just numerical order


Spotted @LaroseRoyce doing some GA flying!


This is Awesome I think you were flying that Airbus A321 but Anyways
Awesome 😎👍


I see @SouthernDude on his way to KATL


@Infinite.flight @HockeyMan06 and @Mell_Ijzerman heading to MMUN!


I haven’t had anyone spot me in over 6 months! Thanks for the tag :)we just be doing an FVA flight with IFATC in Mexico


I am not flying right now


Yup. Good flight. Great scenery. Though there were major crosswinds and ate **** on the landing…


@IFATC-Aditya tries to land an Airbus A318.

And did successfully.