Community Members Spotted on Live Part 2


Ok just remember for next time :)


I saw @MishaCamp @Paul_petropoulos and @Chatta290 approaching Princess Juliana today!


I’d say that could potentially be a new livery.


Spotted @Flyingkiwi at TNCM yesterday


@MishaCamp preparing for departure at FAOR! Enjoy you flight! 😉

And thanks @AndrewRG10 for the wonderful controlling!


Also spotted… N1JT at JFK


Dude what are you doing at KLAX TS1 @Tom_Grollman


visiting sunny warm So Cal :)


Just be aware that you’re probably going to get escorted by somewhat-noobs.


Hmm… In low visibility, thats pretty good.


Spotted Laura rocking The Air France 🇫🇷 livery on the DC-10.


So I found this guy with a PURPLE Banner!! I knew it was one of the mods in IF as it says there but I don’t know who it was, can one of the mods here tell me who this guy is? (the top pic was in free cam to get up close)


That would be Tom_Grollman.

Don’t tag moderators though ;)


Nah I’m not I’m just asking whoever mod comes in knows without tagging ya know I’m just asking


With the “new” rules in place on TS. It is much more enjoyable to fly on TS. Are there still people that don’t care and don’t want to listen and follow instructions ? Yes, but it is a training server for both pilots and ATC. Hopefully it will continue to improve and be fun for all.


@dush19 shouldn’t Tom be on casual according to you? 😂😂


Tom shouldn’t be allowed to fly at all according to Dush


Come on. He at least needs to fly somewhere to show off that fancy Mod Tag 😜


Misha cheated the system 😱😱😱


Tyler Shelton buttering the bread in KDFW! (Almost a tail strike but still butter xD)