Community Members Spotted on Live Part 2


I saw these mods flying around KLAX recently


What app was that? I see the LiveFlight Connect app icon, but I cant seem to find an app that does that.


It’s called Live Flight.
It’s available on your browser aswell. I would definitely recommend buying Live Flight Horizon aswell for some added features which further enchance its usability alongside IF.


Spotted @schyllberg heading to TNCM in an A321!
Psst… We are to your left hand side :D


Oh great… a stream train 😏


Really excited to see how ATC will handle this… We will arrive at almost the same time xD


50% ghosted for not following instructions is a probable result. Wouldn’t be the first time 😝


I hope that I am one of the 50% who won’t be ghosted haha


Spotted @schyllberg earlier this morning on approach to KMIA.

Btw, I was AAVA100


@Dillon_Lewis is the only other one who seems to be flying to MKJS at this time. Interesting

UPDATE: @Waynehorne flew out of MKJS too!


I saw @Levet, @Blu_Games, and @Starley at TNCM. Pics to come later. Also heard that Seb and Deer were in the area.


Spotted @schyllberg, @DeerCrusher and @Levet!
Thanks for joining the stream Matt and Chris!
(Psst, Seb, did your game crash when you were flying to TNCM?)


No crash. I exited. Had to fix a few things :)


yooo that was a dope flight lol


@Blu_Games and @Etrain: You guys want to try a simulcast where we all stream and fly together? I think it might be cool and help the channels grow.


Pics as promised.


Blu’s next IF stream will be on Friday at 14:30z. If you have time then you can jump in and stream with him. (We will be doing a FNF route)


Sadly I’ll be busy. Hopefully he does a weekends stream. That would be really fun. Do a MEGA IF Stream or something.


Spotted Flying an Avrocar(ended up being an A321) in an unknown livery, into JFK


Sorry didn’t, know fixed