Community Members Spotted on Live Part 2


@Darius_Glover taking off from KSAN


Thanks for noticing lol. Great landing by the way!



Saw @LaroseRoyce while on final at KPHX


Please avoid tagging developers in the future. Thanks!


Spotted Kyle R above Indianapolis, heading from KJFK to KLAX on the beautiful Delta 767!


Didn’t know we couldn’t do that @Chris_Hoover. Sorry for tagging a Dev.


@Buccaneer starting his Pushback in Almaty


Thank you @DasMarc hope to see you and return the favour :)


Love to have been there!


@Balloonchaser yesterday during an ATC practice



Why do you still have IFATC in your display name?

False advertisement


Four IFATC in UAL colors parked at JacksonHole. Whoever you four IFATC are, thanks for the activity. I figured I didn’t be landing all by myself but instead had 4 flights around me to enjoy.


@Tom_Grollman hacking😡😡😡😡 ban INSTANTLY and PERMANENTLY

yes I know he’s beta, don’t ruin the joke


But why does it say Mod?


It’s not beta. It happens depending on the camera angle.


It looked like that even with other camera angles. 😉


It’s a bug though. I have it all the time especially when controlling.


Smooth as silk kid , you just jealous


Is that @DeerCrusher I see flying over Utah??