Community Members Spotted on Live Part 2


did see a lot of IFC members, but only managed to shot @Starley as he spawn next to me wave wave 👋👋


@ItzEhs approaching Glasgow!


Saw you pushing back! I was waiting for my other friends to join :D


yeah I saw all of them too after you guys have been all airborne, nice group flight there :D


**We (@Koby_Thomas @Namit @The_Initial_Virus and myself) we’re intercepted by GAF (Global Airforce) enroute to JFK. I guess an Iraqi livery in a Cessna is a “Global Threat” 😂 Nice seeing y’all! In total, 4 cessnas, 7 fighters…


@Namit 👋


Spotted @LaroseRoyce flying the CRJ at LEMD


Spotted @schyllberg not in a CRJ going to LEMD, now what could it be…
(Defo the De Lackner HZ-1 Aerocycle 😂)


@Mark_Denton, did you forget about your flight? 😂


It could possibly be 0.o … Nice find


Spotted @MishaCamp off my right wing and a few other mods. Pics to come after landing.


Spotted @BenTyson @AirspeedAlive @Ameru187 @Owain_G at LEMD after doing a group flight from EGLL to LEMD for the FNF


Nice to have a simple relaxed group flight with you all!


Great FNF on Expert tonight! Not only did I see Laura, Shania Twain made an appearance… Lol


You got me in the back there. Im the SAA B747-200…lol.


As promised here they are…

@schyllberg flying to LEMD from Sweden.

@Joe in his CRJ.

Laura flying to LEMD.

And lastly, @MishaCamp flying the other way.


Aren’t you lucky 😂. Good job finding Waldo ;)


Just took off heading to KMSP with @Krunchy_Toast and @Deltabro. Pictures are coming when we land around 1600Z


I just saw @DasMarc at KLAX do the most beautiful tailstrike I’ve seen today

I also saw @Panther overspeed and get a violation after takeoff at LAX


Haha yeah I’m still trying to get used to the 747. I almost never use it. Had a stall warning at the very final moment before landing.