Community Members Spotted on Live Part 2


Hey !
I was just doing some T&G’s in the Key West. Thanks for the shout out👍🏾


@MishaCamp on his way to EGKK


Spottted @Joe flying the new CRJ to KCVG, hope your having a good flight 👍


@krissss02 I’m pretty sure you copied my flight plan from CYYZ. Nice landing at DTW👍


Nice Landing at CYYZ!



I spotted @DeerCrusher about to do some patterns at CYYZ :)


I spotted the flying deer! 🤷🏻‍♂️🦌 Thats was a fast taxi there @DeerCrusher.


@Jose_Oscana @BluePanda900 @Paul_petropoulos At Saskatoon


Hope someone can catch me en route to Dublin :)


Spotted Laura last night at KSFO after TS1 started having server issues. Wasn’t able to get a pic though. :)


@MishaCamp ur not supposed to be on Expert with that grade 😂😂😂


Why is he grade 1? Violations

At first I didn’t believe it, but I checked now.

It’s him…🤨


lol don’t mind me that’s not accurate


I went to look for misha. Didn’t see him😞… don’t know what’s going on. Here’s a screenshot taken at the same time.

No misha there


Looks like he got ghosted 😏🤫😜


You guys clearly photoshopped that


No wasn’t photoshopped. Checked on two separate devices and always got grade 1. Also there was the problem finding you…


Nah you photoshopped it


You did 😂. How can you be grade 4 with those stats. (Unless you don’t have the 90 day requirements.)😉. Anyway doesn’t matter it’s maybe a glitch. My main concern is why I couldn’t find you…


Laura on ts1🤔