Community Members Spotted on Live Part 2


@Lucas_Piedra @IFP-Aviation and who ever was CPT17



Really sorry for how the event turned out. Better one next week.


Your fine… I had a blast even though it was a little all over the place. A tip is try to find a place with more runways :) such as KSEA or KMIA haha!


Already on it. New rules and regs were coming March 1st, anyway.


@bookers4eva I am sorry for how the event turned out, I do like the photo’s however, thanks for participating.


WW2 Squad ayyy

PS I totally didn’t start this


Don’t be sorry, you didn’t do anything wrong. It’s my fault I’m truly sorry for making the event a mess. If the reason the event was a mess my fault, I will bear full responsibility (I already bear full responsibility for me and my comrade’s actions). I apologize for my actions. I’m sorry for causing an argument between some IFC members and I hope we will all move along and eat, drink, and be merry friends.

Apologies to @Cbro4 too for my actions at the event. Apologies to @MrAlaska for causing a hassle when you were ATC.
Great pictures @bookers4eva btw


Don’t be sorry haha, I loved watching you guys. It was a really fun time, learned a lot - saw a lot too.


WW2 squad!this should be a VA lol


Spotted @schyllberg flying a 737-800 in IF but something else showed up in LiveFlight, what could it be…can’t wait to see!


It’s obviously a De Lackner HZ-1 Aerocycle.


He does. He’s just begging for people to spot him.

@JaidenSmith stop asking for attention. If you’re active in Infinite Flight then some day people will spot you. I am rarely spotted, but I don’t complain when I’m not seen.


I just saw @RTG113 depart out of EDDF on his way to KJFK :)


@Jake_Stopher was at EDDF about twenty minutes ago


I spotted several people today!





@ItsBlitz and @Recxx at @Maxmustang’s KC-10 Refueling Flight


Saw you too.


Saw you after I departed from ONT


spotted @DeerCrusher heading to Madrid from Stockholm in the CRJ :)


Well aren’t you lucky😂 spotted @MarcelloM last night behind me.