Community Members Spotted on Live Part 2


I feel honored that the ‘@’ gods chose me.


Whatcha doin @Henrik
(I also noticed you have 12,999 ATC ops, holy crap!)


Flying a very special aircraft. 😏



GOL 737-800, I was just escorting you 😏


I See Me!!!


Wait, do you mean you see one, or you are @schyllberg? Welcome to the forums by the way.


This was confusing…


You didn’t know that he’s the XFV-1 “Pogo” Transformer Seb?


Currently controlling @Joseph_Krol at YBBN.


Lol, I don’t think that runway was made for a 787. This should be entertaining…


Hey, you made it! Have a good flight!


Thanks! I’ll delete all my stuff relating to this.


Different perspective! Climbing out of Brisbane, where @GolferRyan was controlling.


I saw @Tyler_Shelton and @LaroseRoyce while I was flying to Perth!

Also saw @Andres_LC and captain James but not sure who he is in this community. Cheers!


Me in my “Ironhide” voice. “ITS STARSCREAM!!!”


@Daniel14 taking off from YSSY bound for KLAX



I see ya there also! Have fun on your flight!


And me! I’m the plane at Wollongong!


When I was part of the FNF I found @AJH_1994 and @jdag2004 in my live stream


Saw you too, just completed a 15:25 Flight Fromm doha!