Community Members Spotted on Live Part 2


@Grizpac spotted near KJFK. Callsign of 8675309. XD

EDIT: Google 867-5309 if you don’t get it.


On final KSFO, and who do I see? Talk about a nail biter… 😳😬


Ha! I stalled out in front of her once 😂


Racing with @Declan_O to TNCM


IFAE Party of 23 Departing MCO!


First one there wins!


just saw @Brian_Alexis landed in San Juan, and @Vikle heading to Miami.

I’m heading to TNCM hopefully @Balloonchaser still there!


I had to leave for play practice


For a second I thought @MishaCamp was going to overfly his destination… I guess not, well he’s starting his descent right above it, also see you following him @DeerCrusher


Spotted @DeerCrusher over Iowa.


Beautiful approach of @Jose_Oscana. Your landing was better than Misha’s. 😉


I spotted @Blu_Games going to EGPD.


@DeerCrusher over Iran


@Chris_S, @JoshFly8 and @Tish on TS1 KFLL


Must be an ATC test session!


No, it was an actual test. And we’ve added another controller to IFATC


Is this you @T-Pilot?


@Chief305 Tagged along for a flight from Mexico City (MMMX) to Denver (KDEN). Mountainous terrain and flatlands are sure quite a view. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ (4/5 star flight)


Always great Flying with this guy, also @Pilothodge80 joined us for a while in his F-22 😉 Great flight!


@LaroseRoyce awaiting takeoff at Copenhagen in the KLM MD-11